About Me

I study social cognition and interaction from a computational and empirical perspective. The focus of my research is on how people interact with one another (and other intelligent systems like animals or machines) in order to teach, learn, communicate, and coordinate.

I'm currently a post-doc with the CoCoSci Lab at Princeton University and affiliated with the Learn and Verify Group at UC Berkeley.

Some Questions I'm Interested In

Research Approach

My research draws on ideas from artificial intelligence, game theory, and Bayesian statistics in order to describe how people perceive, reason, and act within a dynamic social environment. These theories can then be tested empirically to understand people's representations and strategies. By characterizing these processes in computational terms, we can gain insights relevant to multiple perspectives from psychology (e.g. developmental, comparative, social, cognitive, and moral psychology) as well as computer science (e.g. AI, reinforcement learning, robotics).

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